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Canterbury Cross Pendant Canterbury Cross Pendant
Canterbury Cross Pendant

Canterbury Cross Pendant


In 1867 a small bronze brooch was excavated in St George's Street in Canterbury. This cross shaped brooch had a Saxon design and was dated to circa 850AD. A replica, carved in stone, can be seen just inside the SW transept entrance of Canterbury Cathedral.

Width: 36mm Height: 44mm Chain length: 27inch (69cm)

Supplied in a satin and velvet-lined gift box.   Below the makers tell us a little about the product and process: 

Pewter is a malleable metal made of tin, copper and antimony. It melts at around 260 degrees Celsius and can be cast into vulcanised rubber moulds which only deteriorate slowly over many casts.

We cast our jewellery and gifts using this method and then painstakingly go through a fettling process to remove any surplus material and casting lines.
Each piece is polished and any findings or gemstones are fitted before packing. The whole operation is very labour intensive requiring skills that take many years to perfect. Due to the process it is highly unlikely that two pieces will be exactly the same even though to the untrained eye they may appear so.

Our staff take great pride in their work and are open to suggestions that may improve quality even further.


Canadian Pricing 36.00
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